Tend your journey

There’s a lot to navigate when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

We created Tend to help you stay grounded in your experience, connected with community, and inspired by what is possible.
Pregnancy and birth is a powerful process of personal and collective transformation. The journey offers opportunities for self-discovery, relational deepening, and collective wisdom that together build the foundation for a thriving family and life.

Yet too often, birth is overly-medicalized or spoken of solely in terms of the baby. For many women and birthing people, it has been generations since we felt truly seen, held, and honored in our own becoming.
We're birthing Tend, alongside brilliant co-creators like you, as part of a larger effort to revolutionize the way our society views and values birth. It's long overdue!
We support you in uncovering opportunities for greater self-awareness, healing, & growth
We help you tend to the relationships that matter most so you feel connected and supported
We elevate personal stories, especially the voices of elders and wisdom keepers, in order to honor our collective birth wisdom and wellbeing
A peak inside

Guided Experiences

Our guided experiences are designed to hold space for you to tend to the relationships that matter most.

We offer them with the hope that they support you in uncovering new depths of awareness, healing, and nourishment.


Birth Story: Me + My Mother

Use this conversation guide to learn about your mother's birth experience and its legacy for you

Birth Visions: Me + My Partner

Use this conversation guide to align with your partner as you share your visions for birth

Our Birth Story

Tend was born out of a shared vision that pregnancy and birth is a powerful process of personal and collective transformation. In our own journeys becoming mothers, we felt the range of emotions that many women and pregnant people feel: excitement, overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety, awe, wonder, grief. We felt ourselves invited to expand— physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually— and were disappointed that we couldn’t find resources that spoke to the fullness and nuance of our own experience.

As we educated ourselves about the state of maternal health in the U.S., our medical system, and the history of birth, we felt grief, anger, and a deep knowing that birthing people deserve better.

We created Tend to nurture and uplift the wisdom of our bodies and the vibrant community care traditions that honor birth as a sacred rite of passage. We hope you feel seen, supported and celebrated on your unique journey. We hope you feel invited more deeply into your body, your wisdom, and your relationship to life.

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