Tend Your Journey

Our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences invite us into landscapes of initiation, transformation, and healing.

While our culture rarely talks about the inner journey to motherhood, at Tend, we are creating spaces to honor and engage with this sacred process.


Nurture yourself, your relationships, & your sense of belonging.

Our gatherings are an invitation to return to your own embodied experience. They are designed to cultivate self-awareness, nurture our relationships, and honor our collective wisdom.

Wherever you are in your childbearing journey, let's explore, co-create, and embody new possibilities together.



We have witnessed and experienced how birth is not only a portal for new life, but also an opportunity to nurture ourselves, heal ancestral wounds and patterns, deepen our relationships, and feel held by a great web of collective wisdom and support. Together, these elements become the bedrock for a thriving family and life.

Yet too often, birth is overly-medicalized or spoken of solely in terms of the baby. For many women and birthing people, it has been generations since we felt truly seen, held, and honored in our own becoming.

We're birthing Tend as part of a larger effort to reclaim pregnancy as a sacred rite of passage and revolutionize the way our society views and values birth.

Let's Tend Together

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